Corporate Profile

Technology and IT Infrastructure have a major role to play in any business setup and it is perhaps most important and valuable investment a company makes. However, a poorly managed IT Infrastructure could cost the company its focus, performance and potential loss of valuable time and money. Over 1,000 enterprise clients continue to choose Nipun as their trusted partner in supporting their infrastructure design/deployment and maintenance since its inception in the year 2002.

Backed by a strong group of young and experienced certified engineers, Nipun has delivered solutions across multiple requirements such as Network communications, Storage and Security, RFID, Technical resource Support and Training, Pilot Smart cities projects involving IoT as well as custom software development and consultancy. The recent projects delivered based on IoT, Industrial Automation and Robotics have sparked a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm.

Nipun also supports sales of State-of-art products by partnering with companies like

  • For Network solutions; CISCO, Commscope, D-link, DELL, HP, Schneider;
  • For Security solutions; Axis, CISCO, F5, Fortigate, Netscout, Palo Alto, Radware;
  • For Active RFID: Aeroscout, AiRISTA, Fortigate, Redpine Signals, Radware;

and various other products from DELL, EMC, F5, HP and NetAPP to bring the best for its clients.

Corporate Facts:

  • 2 patents in process in the field of process automation
  • Cisco certified partner for Premier and Advanced Wireless LAN solutions
  • Our technical team is 100% Cisco certified
  • Over 400+ enterprise customers across India
  • First of its kind advanced wireless and RFID lab in India
  • First to implement automated driving test track solution in India
  • First to implement Cisco mesh technology in India
  • Implemented largest mesh network in India
  • Partnership with major OEMs (Cisco and Axis)
  • Implement 'Golden Mile Smart City Pilot Project' in Vijayawada and Hyderabad

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • End to End IT infrastructure Solutions
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Training and Educational Services
  • Business Automation Solutions
  • IoT Solutions and Solutions for Smart Cities

About Us

With 20 + years of services offered to more than 2000 customers, our solutions and 'Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)' offerings help businesses achieve their digital transformation by managing end-to-end IT Infrastructure requirements.

Who we are

To establish ourselves as a trusted partner in resolving business critical issues by providing end-to-end solutions as Managed Services in IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) using a robust technology ecosystem and trained manpower for our customer stakeholders.


To establish a versatile, cost effective and strong technical ecosystem enabling customers to achieve their full capacity in their growing business needs.


Our Team

Chowdary K K
Chowdary K K

(CEO & Director Operations)

Balaram Krishna
Balaram Krishna

(Director – Sales)

Ramesh Babu
Ramesh Babu


Subramanian Thangavelu
Subramanian Thangavelu


Gopichand G
Gopichand G


Chowdary K K ((CEO & Director Operations))

Mr. Chowdary is an accomplished engineer with a graduate degree of "Electronics and Communication Engineering" from Andhra University in the year 2000.

Soon after graduation, he started his career at Infosys Technologies Ltd and worked at different capacities for the next 7 years during which period, he won various excellence awards at Infosys for his exceptional contributions in various projects. After his successful career at Infosys, he joined Nipun Net Solutions as CEO & Director-Operations in 2007.

His responsibilities at Nipun include leading the organization, streamlining the processes, strategizing Nipun's business plans, empowering Nipun to face next generation business challenges and emerge as a winner.

Chowdary K K

Balaram Krishna ((Director – Sales))

Mr. Balaram graduated from Gulbarga University in the year of 1999 with a specialization in "Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech)".

He started his career at Pentasoft technologies as an Assistant Consultant in the year of 2000 and worked as Analyst Programmer in UK for 2 years. During this period he gained exposure to Wireless technologies and came back to India to start a career as an entrepreneur. He held varied responsibilities in Nipun which includes sales, administration, HR and finance.

Presently, he is heading the sales department as Director-Sales and helps in strategizing Nipun's approach to market.

Balaram Krishna

Ramesh Babu ((Director))

Mr. Ramesh Babu graduated from Gulbarga University in the year 1998 with a specialization in "Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech)".

In the same year he joined Deepak fertilizers & petrochemicals pvt.ltd as a "Quality control Engineer" and has gradually developed his position in different organizations. His zeal to be an entrepreneur made him join Nipun in the year 2004 as a 'Promoter and Director'.

He started his career at Nipun as Director-Finance. Since January 2008 he is handling Sales exclusively the Government verticals including Ministry of Defence requirements.

Ramesh Babu

Subramanian Thangavelu ((Promoter))

Subbu, as he is known among his friends, is a B.E. graduate (Geo-Informatics) from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. He too started his career with 'Infosys Technologies Ltd' and is currently working for Infosys.

He guides Nipun in the areas of Employee Relations, Process Improvements, Strategy Formulation and guiding the team on achieving its goals.

Subramanian Thangavelu

Gopichand G ((Promoter))

Mr. Gopichand graduated from Andhra University in the year 2000 with a specialization in "Electronics and Communication Engineering (B.E)".

He has an impressive 12+ years of Domain knowledge in Networking Industry, specifically in the areas of Unix Servers and Cisco IOS.  He is a SUN Certified and CISCO trained consultant engineer who joined IBM India Ltd to offer his services. He provided network consultation to Read-Ink Technologies to startup their activities in India, Bangalore for a couple of years. He has been working in US for the last 5 years.

He brings in his domain knowledge and technical expertise in the areas of technical consultation and planning advanced training programs.

Gopichand G

Corporate Values:

A staggering 70% of repeat customers acknowledge that our values are as strong as our knowledge and technical expertise. We adhere to ethical business practices and treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated, were the roles reversed. We also assure a responsive and timely involvement into inquiries of our customers and address specific needs rather than trying to sell a specific technology or service.

Our Business Approach:

Its easier to sell products of established brands because of the visibility and trust they achieved over years. But we make a mark by adding our technical knowledge and experience in suggesting our clientele the best products to solve a specific need or problem.

We understand that the best way to advertise is through offering our best of services to our clientele. In a way, when clients approach us with a specific problem, we own the problem and solve it while thinking from their perspective considering multiple angles. Our solutions wont be a quick fix for an issue you face. We develop a comprehensive design that not only solves or mitigates the current issue, but can also be tailored to suit your future needs.

It speaks for itself when we say we built a legacy of trusted relationships with over 1000 clienteles that were built over the past 15 years and with whom we relate to and cherish this association.